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If the Haj applicant wants go to Haj through the Gujarat State Haj Committee, then there are 3 stages according to the procedure of Gujarat State Haj Committee throughout the year. To understand this please read the following 3 stages


(Announcement, Guidelines, Haj Application Forms)


  • Announcing the Haj year.

  • The date of filing the Haj Application forms.

  • Guidelines for what to do during the year.

  • Guidelines for filling the Haj Application forms.

  • Filling out the online and offline forms, etc.

you can check below link for Stage-1


(Qurrah, Waiting, Training)


  • Procedure of computerized Qurrah(draw of lots)

  • Advance Payment and Balance Payment in Installments

  • Selection of Waiting List against Cancellations.

  • District wise Haj Training Camp.

  • District wise Vaccination Camp, etc.

you can check below link for Stage-2


(Departure, Arrival)


  • Flight Schedule.

  • Allotment of Flights.

  • Online/Offline Flight Booking Confirmation.

  • Collection of Passports & Travel Documents at Haj House.

  • Reporting at Airport.

  • ZAM ZAM on Return Arrival Flights.

  • Refund Procedure, etc.

you can check below link for Stage-3

Circular Analysis

Circular Analysis

  • Circulars of Haj Committee of India.

  • Circulars of Gujarat State Haj Committee.

  • Highlight the Main Points of Circular in JPEG File.

you can check below link for Circular Analysis



  • Necessary Instructions.

  • All other miscellaneous information.

you can check below link for Miscellaneous


(News, Video, Gallery,   Fact Check)


  • Official Press Note.

  • News Updates from Local and National Media.

  • How to Videos, Qurrah Video, Media Learning Center.

  • All Haj and Haj Committee related photos.

  • Fact Check of Social Media's Viral Messages.

you can check below link for Media

Trainer Portal

Trainer Portal

  • District wise Trainer List.

  • Only Use for District Trainers.

  • Necessary Instructions to District Trainers.

District Trainer can check below link for Trainer Portal

Haj Ritual

Haj Ritual

  • Haj Ritual.

  • How to Perform Umrah & Haj.

  • Haj & Umrah in the light of Qur'an & Ahadith.

you can check below link for Haj Ritual

Online Services

(Haj Application Form Status, Online Applications for Haj Year, Online Request for Room Reservation at Haj House)

Online Services

  • Check Haj Application Form Status.

  • Online Applications for Haj Year.

  • Online Haj House Room Reservation Request Facility.

  • Admission in Coaching and Guidance Cell.

you can check below link for Media

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